New! Donate online Via PayPal:

  • Online donations are tax deductible
  • There is a 2.2% fee for online donations (but it’s soooo convenient!) When you arrive at the PayPal site, please enter the total amount of your donation including the fee.
  • Minimum annual contribution is $750 + 2.2% (PayPal fee) =  $766.50
  • If you were a member prior to 2019 you are “grandfathered”  at $500 + 2.2% = $511.
  • You have the option of giving donor-directed funds to a particular organization on our slate. You can also make that donation via PayPal

From a Fund OUTSIDE Schwab Charitable (Fidelity, Community Foundation, etc.):

It is CRUCIAL that you alert of the date and amount of your transfer. Schwab does NOT pass that info on to our account. Your money will show up, but we know who to attribute it to!

  • Send your contribution to our Schwab Charitable account using the DAF form available here:
  • Our “Donor Advised Account Number” is #7976-3852
  • Our DAF fund at Schwab is solely for contributions from other DAFs.
  • You can not make DAF transfers via PayPal.

From your own Schwab Charitable Fund (donor advised fund) to our Schwab Charitable Fund — you can do this online!

  • Login to your Schwab Charitable account
  • Choose the “Grant” Tab on the menu bar
  • Search for “Schwab Charitable Fund” and / or Tax ID # 31-1640316 (DO NOT search for One Sky – there is a charity in Berkeley by that name and it is NOT us.
  • Select Schwab Charitable Fund as the grantee (seems a bit counterintuitive but it will work)
  • For #5, please choose “I have a specific use for this grant or need to customize
    • In the drop down that appears, choose the last radio button “My need is more specific”.
    • CRITICAL – Under “What would you like the charity to know?” put “Please direct to Schwab Charitable Fund Account #7976-3852, One Sky Giving Circle
    • In the bottom, optional, section “Is there anything that the Schwab Charitable staff needs to know?”, for added peace of mind, repeat this message, “Please direct to Schwab Charitable Fund Account #7976-3852, One Sky Giving Circle“.


Make checks payable to “Schwab Charitable” and in the memo line write: #7976-3852, One Sky Giving Circle.

  • You will receive a tax receipt indicating that you have donated to the One Sky Giving Circle.
  • The tax receipt will be sent to the address on your check, so please make sure it is current.
  • You can mail directly to Schwab Charitable with a note that this is for deposit to Schwab Charitable Account #7976-3852.

Address: Schwab Charitable
1958 Summit Park Dr. Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32810


  • Mail to Nancy Cole and she will send groups of checks to the above address.

Address: 1111 S. Grant Street
(that’s four number ones. eleven eleven —
lots of people see a different quantity)
San Mateo, CA 94402

Thank you for your contribution!